Meet Dr. Robert Lund

Dr. Robert Lund, DDS

Dr. Robert Lund


Dr. Lund has been an endodontic specialist for over 30 years, and is committed to helping patients save their teeth, and maintain their natural smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Lund graduated from Emory University Dental School, and subsequently completed Endodontic training at Columbia University, New York City,New York.

Dr. Lund has owned and operated two endododntic practices: Beverly Hills, California, and Valencia, California. Dr. Lund has invented, and patented numerous dental products that are used by dentists worldwide to save teeth that would otherwise be lost.

Dr. Lund limits his practice to Endodontics: Root canals and Root Canal surgeries.


Dr. Lund’s credentials and memberships:

American Dental Association.

California Dental Association.

American Association of Endodontists.

Technical Consultant for DentSply Endodontics.

Technical Consultant for PacDent manufacturing.